My first method

Hi there!
Tomorrow I will start method that main thing is proper breathing, here it’s explained :

This is one method you can use to grow taller naturally: breathe properly. If you’re a bit shorter than you’d hoped, and find it a little discouraging that you’re not as tall as others, then try these exercises. This is only part of an overall approach to add height, but if you breathe right, then you can actually see results.

Sure, it might come off sounding a little on the crazy side, but it’s true nonetheless. You can add height with breathing techniques. You do it every day – even now you’re breathing – but most don’t do it properly. There is more to breathing than simply moving air in and out of your lungs, a right and wrong approach.

You’ll find that in order to grow taller naturally, simply learning or re-learning how to breathe can really be effective. Think of it like this: if you don’t change something, then nothing will change, including how tall you are. There’s really a tactical way to add some to your height by changing how you breathe, and it works.

Adding inches to your height using proper breathing techniques isn’t as far-fetched as it sounds. You need to practice breathing deeply. If you breathe shallowly on a normal basis, this will stunt your height. So to begin with, breathe deeper regularly.

Sadly I don’t remember where I’ve found it. I’m full of hope that I will increase height 🙂 Guys, do You have some self-tested methods that really works? Please write in comments if Yes 🙂

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One Response to My first method

  1. It is probably to late for me to grow taller, but I’ll try breathing deeper, because maybe it will keep me from getting shorter as the years roll by. What do you think? Cool information your handing out. thanks

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