How to increase level of HGH naturally

Persons wishing to achieve the best results doctors advise eating a natural means of releasing growth hormone three times a day. As a bodybuilder you will naturally increase growth hormone levels in several ways:
The program supplements are two important amino acids arginine and lysine, releasing substances known as growth hormone (GH). These components seem to stimulate the production of growth hormone in the body. Stored in the pituitary gland, growth hormone, inter alia, increases the synthesis of amino acids, and hence muscle, converts fat into energy and is involved in tissue regeneration and strengthens connective tissue.

Arginine is considered essential amino acid, which means that the body can produce it with protein and other nutrients. Meat, poultry and fish are rich in this substance. Despite the fact that argninina was classified as an endogenous, it meets a number of essential functions in the body. It is essential for children, and patients with liver or kidneys need supplements of this ingredient. Arginine is also needed for the production of creatine, an important chemical component of muscle, which provides the energy without which your muscles will not shrink. Arginine stimulates the secretion of several endocrine hormones, including growth hormone (HGH).

Lysine is an amino acid-one of 20, the human body can not produce itself and must receive in food. It promotes absorption of calcium in the diet and participates in the formation of intercellular substance of bone, cartilage and connective tissue. Also promotes muscle growth. Lysine acts as an antioxidant and attacks free radicals that cause disease. Studies have shown that proglutaminiam arginine and lysine jednochlorek is the only combination of amino acids, which is taken orally, effectively raises the level of growth hormone in the body. This is an important reaction due to the action of growth hormone on muscle mass and metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Above all, growth hormone increases lean body mass by increasing protein synthesis and increase nitrogen retention. The action is partly thought to result from the action of growth hormone as a factor conducive to the transmission of certain essential amino acids inside the muscle cells. People with growth hormone deficiency have relatively high levels of fat in the body. Growth hormone therapy will reduce body fat with simultaneous increase in protein, primarily muscle.

Sometimes, especially after prolonged restriction of consumption of glucose, growth hormone works like insulin, it increases glucose uptake and utilization. However, this effect disappears quickly, and its physiological role is yet unclear. After approximately 2 hours glucose metabolism is inhibited in muscle tissues and fat. Followed by a reduction of glucose uptake and glycogen in the muscles are preserved.

In adipose tissue, growth hormone accelerates the breakdown of stored triglycerides, or fat, thereby increasing the level of free fatty acids (FFA) in plasma. Because glucose uptake is inhibited by growth hormone, synthesis of fat and slower. Key points to remember are:

– Growth hormone decreases the uptake and utilization of glucose and glycogen saves, increases fat burning, and enhances protein synthesis. As a result, our body is thinner and more muscular.

Persons wishing to achieve the best results doctors advise eating a natural means of releasing growth hormone three times a day. You wake up the morning will take up these substances on an empty stomach. Then take it before training. And finally, before going to bed eat it on an empty stomach. This plan will assist to increase growth hormone naturally in the body, which in turn causes weight gain, decrease body fat levels and enhanced tissue regeneration.

As a bodybuilder you will naturally increase growth hormone levels in several ways:

First, follow a special diet containing at least 2 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight. High-protein meal increased the secretion of growth hormone.

Second, give yourself enough sleep. Maximum growth hormone secretion occurs in a state of deep sleep. If possible, take a nap in the afternoon.

Thirdly, train wisely. Working with a large weight, low reps will effectively increase in strength, probably due to the increase in testosterone levels and builds the nervous system. However, training with high repetitions with moderate weight effectively stimulates the secretion of growth hormone, would therefore be a great mistake to ignore this part of the training. Growth hormone as a result of intensive training is also a strong incentive burn fat. Of course, sustained progress will achieve only through a combination of both types of training.

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